Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rain ,rain go away!

I have been very slack over the last few days with the blog, mainly because I've not had anything to report and there have been no dogs staying since Jinny, Ruby and Megan left on friday. Truffle did join them on thursday, I have added a photo of her and Megan, I interupted them whilst they were playing and both look a little puzzled as to why I called them!

On saturday afternoon Mischief returned for her holiday. She has settled in quicker than any other dog I know, even before her owner left she was crashed out fast asleep at the foot of the sofa. If only all dogs were as chilled and easy as her, it would make life very easy. Shes a collie and about 11yrs old, they aren't totally sure on her age as she was a rescue. Apart from when shes eating or in the garden she pretty much hasn't moved from the position you see her in in the photo.
I have to say its a little worrying as to how quiet I am at the moment, although I did look at the last few years worth of diarys and the end of April was also very quiet, I guess after easter and before the summer people are tending not to go away. Things pick up again by the end of the week and I am getting pretty busy again once into May, but theres still space for more should anyone decide to book anything last minute!!

Ruby and Megan on fridays walk
The weather, once again, is horrendous today. I shall take out Madge and Mischief soon, wrapped up in hat, scarf (anyone would think its winter still) , gloves and rain coat, but apart from that I think we might just stay in. If it brightens up later we might pop out and do something, but I'm not holding my breath!
Jack seems happy enough as Jude stayed over again last night. They are happily keeping themselves busy, at the moment by drawing, heres a pitcture Jack has just given me, a little artist in the making I think!

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