Saturday, 31 March 2012

Chill time

Where has the good weather gone? Its back to being grey and cold, never mind!
Jack and Jude were very good last night and slept in till 9am which was great. Thismorning they had a game of swingball then we took all the dogs out for a walk, it was nice to get them all out at the same time.

Lawna the golden retriever joined us this morning. She came once before for 3 weeks last year and was a very easy girl to have around. Toby the black lab joined us tonight, again another regular, hes been coming to us since he was a tiny weenie baby at 9 weeks old. He is now a BIG boy!!

This afternoon we went to see Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat at the theatre on the pier. Its been years and years since I last saw it in London with Jason Donavan. It was Jacks first time, I think he enjoyed it!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Hols!

We are getting busy.....well it is the start of the Easter hols! Today two new girls have joined us, both regulars, Betty the spaniel and Doris the hairy basset. I sometimes feel I am talking about an old peoples home when I talk about the dogs, they have some great names, Betty, Madge, Doris, other regulars are Wilma, Paddy, Maggie, George and Ethel.

Doris sporting the latest look in doggie sanitary wear!
Doris's owner called this morning to say that she was coming to the end of her season and would this be a problem, I said it wouldnt be as I don't take any un-nuetered boys. As a rule I dont take bitches in season but more often than not they don't come into season when the owners expect them too and the last thing I want to do is say that I can't take them when they are hours away from bording a flight!
For this reason I keep a pair of dog pants and sanitary towels, doggie ones!!! Thankfully they fit Doris perfectly so I have added a photo of her modeling the latest look in doggie sanitary wear! LOL
Ambrose is very very interested in her, even though he's had all his tackle cut off! He perked up no end when she arrived and hasn't left her alone, not that Doris minds, she's lapping up the attention. Orwell has fallen in love with her tail, he has a thing for tails, he grabs it near the top and pulls hard, and Doris being the laid back girl she is takes it all in her stride and doesn't mind at all.

More fun in the park this afternoon with Ambrose and Orwell, and Jack on his new JD Bug scooter!

We found the swing ball game in the shed today, I totally forgot we had it ,so Jack made the most of the nice evening and spent ages out in the garden playing on it with his friend Jude who is also going to be staying for a sleepover, fingers crossed they sleep through the night and have a good lie in, I know I could certainly do with one!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Its a hard life!

Truffle is with us again today, joining Ambrose and Orwell. They all went out together this morning for a nice walk on the beach, Orwell had to be very careful because the smallest puddle was very deep to him, what with those tiny legs of his! It was the perfect weather for a beach walk, it looks like we really have to make the most of it as come saturday its cooling right down again.

More sunbathing for all in the garden, got some lovely photos.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This morning Madge and I took Jack to school as normal then had a walk home through the park and seafront and then a lovely golden retriever called Clemmie came for a visit. All went well, and she's coming for a 10 day holiday on April 11th.
I then took Madge and Tilly, who is here for her usual wednesday stay, up onto Highdown where I met my mum with her two loons, George and Jaz. As always they were very excited to see Madge, and vice-versa!
I wanted to get some really nice pics of them up there today, so I took my nice posh camera only to realise that it hadn't got the SD card in it, so once again I had to make do with the phone cam. After the walk we went and sat at the Highdown cafe and had a 99 flake, mmmmm and a cold, well deserved drink! All the dogs were very well behaved, and shared the cornet (I only like the ice cream! )

Back home in time for lunch and a chance for a kip, the dogs anyway, not me!
Ambrose and Orwell came on the school run again this afternoon. They enjoyed it so much yesterday, getting so much attention from all the children, they thought it was great. All I heard was, Arhhhh, so cute, whats his name, can I stroke him, hes so soft, what is he? I guess they meant what breed! LOL but Ambrose and Orwell lapped up every second of it. We then headed off to the park as it was once again so sunny, Jack zooming up and down the bank on his new scooter, a JD Bug, the in thing apparently, along with his mates who also have new JD's. It keeps them happy!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy lizard!

Well what can I say, today its even hotter! I just love this weather, although hotter would be even better, my friends swear I'm reptilian and call me lizard lady as I am always cold and love to lie in the sun soaking up the heat! I have a feeling its not going to last more than a few days though, it never lasts long in this country.
Truffle is back with us today, I get the feeling she is not a fan of the sunshine as she has kept herself indoors whilst the others have been outside sunbathing.
After the mornings walkies with the dogs, I spent more time in the garden. I planted some strawberries and lavender. I hope the strawberries work, my neighbour Tina seems to be a pro with strawberries so she was giving me some good tips! Orwell was very keen to help!

The dogs all seemed to find it a little hot in the garden by about midday as its a real suntrap, the outdoor thermometer said it was 75*, it sure felt like it whilst I was lying on my recliner. I even got the suncream out! I already have signs of strap marks and its March!!!

Ambrose would lie in the sun for 5 mins then head off to the shade for 10, then back to the sun for 5 and so on, Orwell found a shady spot next to a pot and crashed out for ages whilst Madge lay under the table, oh and of course Truffle satyed indoors! What a hard life they lead! Mind you mine isn't all that bad either, I can't complain, so glad I don't have to sit in an office all day!

Monday, 26 March 2012


It hasn't been the most pleasant morning, I had a tooth pulled out! I'm sat here with a very numb mouth and tongue! No pain.....yet, but I reckon there will be once the numbness goes.
All the dogs have had their morning walks. Orwell and Ambrose went together on the flexi lead, they were ever so funny, the whole time was spent playing, with Orwell nipping Ambrose's feet, it really was hilarious.
The fun continued once home with more charging around and playing, Madge watching from the comfort of my bed.

Once again I had to take a few more pictures of the spring flowers. They are only taken with the phone cam so they aren't great.
Its a shame they will all die off soon, it would be nice if they could hang around a little longer into the year.

Jack had a fantastic time over the weekend at the PGL camp. He really enjoyed the archery and the zip wire, he said he let go and did the superman pose to pretend he was flying, I'd love a go! They all had a go at making a raft with barrels and ropes. He said one by one they all fell into the lake, but he was proud to say he fell in last!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Will this sun last?

Well I think I am right in saying thats its actually warmer today than it was yesterday!
Even more people down on the beach, every so often I even got the wiff of suncream!
Ambrose and Bruno have joined us today. Ambrose a snuggly little cocker poo will be with us for a week and Bruno an extremley handsome scruff, not sure on his breed. Hes with us just for the day. Hes another of our regulars here at The Doghouse.
Hetty went home this afternoon and Holly will be leaving later tonight.
Lovely walks once again down on the beach, I think Madge is finding this warm weather all a bit too much, how on earth is she going to cope in the summer time!

Jack finishes at PGL camp today so I am off to collect him soon. I hope hes had a good time, they have certainly had the perfect weather for it.

I have done a little more work in the garden, I'm actually beginning to think all this work might be for nothing as there are certain dogs that come to stay here that can't resist digging the mud and plants out of the pots, maybe I should get some little tables to keep them all off the ground, it would be a shame to have them all destroyed as in a few months time the garden should look great. Those that are with me now have had a good time helping, I think they have all ended up with muddy noses.
Look how cute little Orwell is, cleaning out Ambrose's ear! He seems to have taken a shine to Ambrose which is what I was hoping as they will be together all week.

My new watering can

Holly and Hetty

Holly and Hetty have definatly become good friends, its a shame they are both heading home tonight!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot dogs

Last night Hetty arrived, this morning Orwell arrived, and happy to say that both were very excited to get here!
Hetty has bonded so well with Holly, quiet a shock really as normally Holly is one of those dogs that likes to keep herself to herself, she must be feeling all young and spring like as its yet another amazing day, the warmest so far, at least 20* C
I have had 2 lovely long walks along the seafront , firstly Hetty and Orwell, then Madge and Holly. It was bustling down there, no surprise really because of the weather. It always makes me laugh though in this country because as soon as the sun is out people strip off too pretty much nothing but their undies! Yes its lovely out there but really not hot enough for shorts and bikini tops! well not for me anyway, its got to be a least 25*!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Yet more sunshine!

Well what a great start to another sunny day. Madge and I took Jack to school then stayed out for a nice long walk, must have gone miles!
Jack is off to a PGL camp today. For those of you that don't know its a camp used mainly by the cubs and scouts. Its an organised weekend where the kids get to try out lots of different new and exciting things like rock climbing, kayaking, zip lines as well as cycling, swimming and camp fires. He is going with the 1st Worthing cubs group. Its his first time going, and also his first time staying away from home (apart from at friends houses and grandparents) so I am a little worried, but according to Jack I needn't be, he can't wait!
His new scooter arrives thismorning, he bought it with his birthday money. I shall take it to school so he can ride it home otherwise he wont get the chance till after hes home from camp, so monday.
A quiet day so far on the dog front. Holly has just arrived, she's a collie cross, a very easy dog to have around, no trouble at all and later Hetty is back! Mad lab Hetty, more halty training this weekend I think!

As the sun was shining I decided to crack on again with the garden, well the side passage, the rest of the garden will be done soon. Since having the patio doors put in a couple of months ago, its been nice to make proper use of the passageway, over the past 8 yrs its been nothing but a dumping ground. The hanging baskets are no longer empty and I have put up a couple more baskets on the wall. I played around with my lovely posh camera, I wanted to see how well it could take photos on the macro setting. I love the soft focus behind the sharpness of the flower.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Old clips

Going through all my photos I came across some great film clips so I thought I would put them on here for you all to look at. The first one is of Jaz and Madge (happy birthday yesterday Jaz). I love the waggy bums! It must be at least 2 years old this clip. The second one is of two of my favourite bassets, Monty and Lewis playing with Toby the black lab. I think was was taken last summer.

Spring walk

Spring has sprung! A lovely sunny warm day, finally!!
Madge and I were out early again thismorning after dropping Jack at school and walked home via the park. Being a sun worshiper it was so nice to see it and feel that warmth trying to break through.

Dillon the beagle is with us today. He often comes for the day when his owners go up to Croydon to see their grandchildren. Hes been coming to stay with us since he was a puppy, he must be almost 3yrs old now.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Misty morning

Well what a misty morning its been! The sunshine is now pushing through, so hopefully it will be nice and warm later on.
Tilly is with us today for her usual wednesday visit, also little Truffle.
We had a nice walk in the park thismorning after dropping Jack off at school, I took some video of Tilly but it really doesn't show her true speed, she is like a rocket, I could watch her for hours.

Madge totally disgraced herself by rolling in something stinky, you guessed it, fox poo! Luckily it wasn't too wet a dolop so she didn't get too much of a sticky mess on her neck, but its still enough to make her stink, into the bath for you young lady!

Tilly and Madge after she'd just arrived thismorning. If you hear a strange cough noise, its only Jack! LOL

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Its been a long and exciting day for baby Orwell!

Loving the tongue

Orwells trial day went really well, he will be back for a week this coming saturday!