Friday, 16 March 2012

Dull outside

Well its friday, the end of another week.
Its horrible outside today, no sun, just greyness! I hate days like this, I am a sun worshiper!
Talking of the sun I can't believe how well organised I am already for my summer holiday, even though its still 10 weeks away! Roll on Florida and lots of SUNSHINE, thats what I say!
Anyway onto the dogs. Its not been the most eventful day today, in some ways quite relaxing. I managed to get the 4 dogs all walked thismorning down on the seafront by 11am. I know there is blue sky in the photo, it wasn't taken today, thats was taken a few days ago.
I also did a little training with Hetty as shes getting used to her halty, her owners said she hates it, but she was actually a very good girl, and after trying a few times to rub it off either on my leg or on the floor, she quickly gave up and walked to heel like a little angel. I think the treats in my pocket helped!
A little dog called Spider was meant to be coming today for a weeks holiday. Hes been booked in for a month now, but despite trying to call his owners on numerous occasions I have been unable to make contact with them to find out what time they would like to drop him off. As I have not heard from them I am guessing they have changed their mind or plans! I'm not going to lie, but I do find that a little annoying and a waste of my time. Spiders booking was taking up a space that another dog could have used, but luckily its a quiet time of the year and I haven't had to turn anyone away, so its not all bad. I would have appriciated a phone call though to say they were no longer needing to use us to board their dog.

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