Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy lizard!

Well what can I say, today its even hotter! I just love this weather, although hotter would be even better, my friends swear I'm reptilian and call me lizard lady as I am always cold and love to lie in the sun soaking up the heat! I have a feeling its not going to last more than a few days though, it never lasts long in this country.
Truffle is back with us today, I get the feeling she is not a fan of the sunshine as she has kept herself indoors whilst the others have been outside sunbathing.
After the mornings walkies with the dogs, I spent more time in the garden. I planted some strawberries and lavender. I hope the strawberries work, my neighbour Tina seems to be a pro with strawberries so she was giving me some good tips! Orwell was very keen to help!

The dogs all seemed to find it a little hot in the garden by about midday as its a real suntrap, the outdoor thermometer said it was 75*, it sure felt like it whilst I was lying on my recliner. I even got the suncream out! I already have signs of strap marks and its March!!!

Ambrose would lie in the sun for 5 mins then head off to the shade for 10, then back to the sun for 5 and so on, Orwell found a shady spot next to a pot and crashed out for ages whilst Madge lay under the table, oh and of course Truffle satyed indoors! What a hard life they lead! Mind you mine isn't all that bad either, I can't complain, so glad I don't have to sit in an office all day!

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