Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sunny day

So here we are on the second day of our blog, still gettting to grips with it, I will eventually work out how to place photos where I want them to go and not allow the blog to just randomly place them anywhere!
Hetty has arrived. Shes being a very good girl so far. After a very quick hello to all the others she went into the garden for a wee then cracked on with trying to get them all to play with her. Madge wasn't up for it, so soon put her in her place, George was a little weary of such a crazy mad dog as was Jaz, but within minutes was playing with her, a pair of bats out of hell!
Truffle is with us again for the day today, the second of her regular weekly stays, we have her on a tuesday and a thursday.
Thismorning we had a little dashund call Orwell come over to visit us. I'm glad to say that he was as good as gold and will be coming next week for his first stay!
Because he has such tiny legs he couldn't face the drop onto the patio from the french doors! I think a ramp is needed LOL
Hetty has just disgraced herself, she just burst Jack's football! Oops!
George and Jaz have had a lovely run again today. I took them to meet Jack when he came out of school and took them to the park, its been such a lovely sunny day. The two of them had a great time chasing the ball with Doris my friends dog, who often stays here with us when they go away.......glad to say they are now crashed out in their beds dreaming doggy dreams!

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