Friday, 23 March 2012

Yet more sunshine!

Well what a great start to another sunny day. Madge and I took Jack to school then stayed out for a nice long walk, must have gone miles!
Jack is off to a PGL camp today. For those of you that don't know its a camp used mainly by the cubs and scouts. Its an organised weekend where the kids get to try out lots of different new and exciting things like rock climbing, kayaking, zip lines as well as cycling, swimming and camp fires. He is going with the 1st Worthing cubs group. Its his first time going, and also his first time staying away from home (apart from at friends houses and grandparents) so I am a little worried, but according to Jack I needn't be, he can't wait!
His new scooter arrives thismorning, he bought it with his birthday money. I shall take it to school so he can ride it home otherwise he wont get the chance till after hes home from camp, so monday.
A quiet day so far on the dog front. Holly has just arrived, she's a collie cross, a very easy dog to have around, no trouble at all and later Hetty is back! Mad lab Hetty, more halty training this weekend I think!

As the sun was shining I decided to crack on again with the garden, well the side passage, the rest of the garden will be done soon. Since having the patio doors put in a couple of months ago, its been nice to make proper use of the passageway, over the past 8 yrs its been nothing but a dumping ground. The hanging baskets are no longer empty and I have put up a couple more baskets on the wall. I played around with my lovely posh camera, I wanted to see how well it could take photos on the macro setting. I love the soft focus behind the sharpness of the flower.

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