Monday, 26 March 2012


It hasn't been the most pleasant morning, I had a tooth pulled out! I'm sat here with a very numb mouth and tongue! No pain.....yet, but I reckon there will be once the numbness goes.
All the dogs have had their morning walks. Orwell and Ambrose went together on the flexi lead, they were ever so funny, the whole time was spent playing, with Orwell nipping Ambrose's feet, it really was hilarious.
The fun continued once home with more charging around and playing, Madge watching from the comfort of my bed.

Once again I had to take a few more pictures of the spring flowers. They are only taken with the phone cam so they aren't great.
Its a shame they will all die off soon, it would be nice if they could hang around a little longer into the year.

Jack had a fantastic time over the weekend at the PGL camp. He really enjoyed the archery and the zip wire, he said he let go and did the superman pose to pretend he was flying, I'd love a go! They all had a go at making a raft with barrels and ropes. He said one by one they all fell into the lake, but he was proud to say he fell in last!

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