Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This morning Madge and I took Jack to school as normal then had a walk home through the park and seafront and then a lovely golden retriever called Clemmie came for a visit. All went well, and she's coming for a 10 day holiday on April 11th.
I then took Madge and Tilly, who is here for her usual wednesday stay, up onto Highdown where I met my mum with her two loons, George and Jaz. As always they were very excited to see Madge, and vice-versa!
I wanted to get some really nice pics of them up there today, so I took my nice posh camera only to realise that it hadn't got the SD card in it, so once again I had to make do with the phone cam. After the walk we went and sat at the Highdown cafe and had a 99 flake, mmmmm and a cold, well deserved drink! All the dogs were very well behaved, and shared the cornet (I only like the ice cream! )

Back home in time for lunch and a chance for a kip, the dogs anyway, not me!
Ambrose and Orwell came on the school run again this afternoon. They enjoyed it so much yesterday, getting so much attention from all the children, they thought it was great. All I heard was, Arhhhh, so cute, whats his name, can I stroke him, hes so soft, what is he? I guess they meant what breed! LOL but Ambrose and Orwell lapped up every second of it. We then headed off to the park as it was once again so sunny, Jack zooming up and down the bank on his new scooter, a JD Bug, the in thing apparently, along with his mates who also have new JD's. It keeps them happy!

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  1. Thanks for not putting the pic of me on!! Dogs and me knackered!!