Sunday, 25 March 2012

Will this sun last?

Well I think I am right in saying thats its actually warmer today than it was yesterday!
Even more people down on the beach, every so often I even got the wiff of suncream!
Ambrose and Bruno have joined us today. Ambrose a snuggly little cocker poo will be with us for a week and Bruno an extremley handsome scruff, not sure on his breed. Hes with us just for the day. Hes another of our regulars here at The Doghouse.
Hetty went home this afternoon and Holly will be leaving later tonight.
Lovely walks once again down on the beach, I think Madge is finding this warm weather all a bit too much, how on earth is she going to cope in the summer time!

Jack finishes at PGL camp today so I am off to collect him soon. I hope hes had a good time, they have certainly had the perfect weather for it.

I have done a little more work in the garden, I'm actually beginning to think all this work might be for nothing as there are certain dogs that come to stay here that can't resist digging the mud and plants out of the pots, maybe I should get some little tables to keep them all off the ground, it would be a shame to have them all destroyed as in a few months time the garden should look great. Those that are with me now have had a good time helping, I think they have all ended up with muddy noses.
Look how cute little Orwell is, cleaning out Ambrose's ear! He seems to have taken a shine to Ambrose which is what I was hoping as they will be together all week.

My new watering can

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