Saturday, 19 January 2013

Still won't work!

I think its time to give up this blog for the time being as my computer simply won't allow me to post any photographs!
I will try to get it sorted at some point, maybe a new computer is needed, this one is very unpredictable, but as money doesn't grow on trees a new computer is out of the question right now!

I'm sure I will be back sometime in the this space!

Monday, 7 January 2013

I can't add photos

Well this is a little annoying, once again the blog isn't allowing me to add pictures!

I will keep trying everyday until it does, but until then I wont write much as I always think pictures tell a thousand words and are much more interesting to look at than a load of waffle!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Damp days

Since the new year I have been inundated with bookings!
All good as every year I worry it won't be as busy as the last, but so far looking good.
This week Paddy has been here, also a new dog called Bonnie and today is her 1st birthday, and to celebrate she has a nice walk, some raw meet, mmmm and a young lab cross called Finlay here all day to play with her!
Buzz the little Pug cross was also with us earlier in the week as well as Ella, a yummy little miniture Pincher.
Bonnie and Pickles the retrievers will be coming now twice a week for the day on a regular basis as sadly their owner died just before christmas.
Isnt it horrible weather, mind you at least its not freezing cold. Everything is 20 times dirtier with the rain, roll on sunshine!!!
the blog wont allow me to load pictures, I will try again later

Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Well its been ages since I last blogged, this year I will try harder to get onto here more often.
I have had many new dogs come and stay in the last few months, plus loads of our regulars. Above are photos of Bonnie and Pickles at Geaorges birthday party, George is my mums retriever who's just turned 4.
Fingers crosses that in the next few weeks Jack and I will be moving house. We will have more space with a larger garden which will be great. I will keep you updated on that!