Thursday, 26 July 2012

Yet more problems with my new mobile, I'm unable to load any of my photos onto the laptop again so I have nothing to show you! I must call the geek squad!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Beach and Fair!

Long may this weather last, but I fear it won't, so making the most of it. Managed to get 4 of the dogs walked early this morning before it got too hot, then the rest got walked late this afternoon. I think its best to keep them out of the hot sun during the day.

Henry and Lilly came back a couple of days ago. Lilly is in love with Jack, as soon as she sees him she apears wagging her little tail wanting a cuddle.

Henry crashed out last night

We headed down the beach late morning. Me, Jack and Jude and met up with my mate Sarah and her kids Louis and Daisy. It was then time to head back home to the dogs where I lay on the sunbed (again) accompanied by all the dogs (again) to sunbathe.

The fair is down on the seafront this week so Jack, Jude and I went down there along with Henry, Lilly and Madge. The boys had fun going on 4 rides each then we headed to the noodle bar and macaris and sat on the beach stuffing. The dogs were not at all impressed that they didn't get to have any!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Summers finally here!

I can't get over the weather. All that rain and now nothing but wall to wall blue skys and sunshine! Thank goodness! about time too!
Sorry again for the long delay on blogging. Since last being on I got myself a new phone, one with a better camera, but it seems that it likes to save the pictures upsidedown and for some reason it has a problem saving them on the laptop when I try turning them! I did manage to put a few up the right way so finally I have some to put onto the blog.

As you can see I tried a spot of sunbathing today but it wasnt very easy with all the dogs fighting to get onto the sun bed to join me. Gorgeous little Pippen the rhodesian ridgeback puppy won!
Now that the summer holidays has begun I am very busy. I have had to turn away a lot of dogs, something I hate to do but its only safe to take so many!
It means for the next few weeks we have a full house!
Winston, wondering who that handsome brute is in the mirror!
Familiar faces and new faces, young and old, we have them all over the next few weeks!
Pippen ans Rio


Friday, 13 July 2012

British Bulldog!

Over the last few days I have again been busy, but last night I had a breather as I only had Maisy and Dylan here , the greyhounds. They have both been so good, I hardly even know they are here, if only all dogs were so well behaved!
Earlier in the week we had the gorgeous Lilly the bulldog here, she has the most gorgeous face ever, but not such a gorgeous bottom! Every evening we were being gassed out!


 Today Holly the collie has arrived and also Elsa and Rio. Elsa has stayed many times, but today she arrives with her new house mate Rio, it will be his first stay so it will be interesting to see how well he settles in.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Well what a busy week I have had, and even busier weekend!
The weather once again has been terrible, but it seems to be the same over the whole of the UK!
We had a lovely dog join us just for the day today, his name is Jack. Hes the first Jack we have had stay here, my Jack thought it was great having a dog with the same name as him.

 On the sofa is Misty and Megan then bottom left is Jack then Jaz.

Below are some pictures of some of the dogs that have stayed with us this last week.

Monday, 2 July 2012


What grim grey drizzly weather it has been today!
I'm glad I got all the dogs walked first thing before it started, although I took George and Jaz to school this afternoon to collect Jack and we were all lovely and wet when we got home.
As well as George and Jaz I only have Harvey the lab pup here today. This morning Bella and Paddy went home. Monty and Lewis the bassets went home on sunday after their weeks holiday.
I have posted a few more pictures of the flowers in the garden. Must make the most of them as I expect the will all die off soon!