Monday, 23 July 2012

Summers finally here!

I can't get over the weather. All that rain and now nothing but wall to wall blue skys and sunshine! Thank goodness! about time too!
Sorry again for the long delay on blogging. Since last being on I got myself a new phone, one with a better camera, but it seems that it likes to save the pictures upsidedown and for some reason it has a problem saving them on the laptop when I try turning them! I did manage to put a few up the right way so finally I have some to put onto the blog.

As you can see I tried a spot of sunbathing today but it wasnt very easy with all the dogs fighting to get onto the sun bed to join me. Gorgeous little Pippen the rhodesian ridgeback puppy won!
Now that the summer holidays has begun I am very busy. I have had to turn away a lot of dogs, something I hate to do but its only safe to take so many!
It means for the next few weeks we have a full house!
Winston, wondering who that handsome brute is in the mirror!
Familiar faces and new faces, young and old, we have them all over the next few weeks!
Pippen ans Rio


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