Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Beach and Fair!

Long may this weather last, but I fear it won't, so making the most of it. Managed to get 4 of the dogs walked early this morning before it got too hot, then the rest got walked late this afternoon. I think its best to keep them out of the hot sun during the day.

Henry and Lilly came back a couple of days ago. Lilly is in love with Jack, as soon as she sees him she apears wagging her little tail wanting a cuddle.

Henry crashed out last night

We headed down the beach late morning. Me, Jack and Jude and met up with my mate Sarah and her kids Louis and Daisy. It was then time to head back home to the dogs where I lay on the sunbed (again) accompanied by all the dogs (again) to sunbathe.

The fair is down on the seafront this week so Jack, Jude and I went down there along with Henry, Lilly and Madge. The boys had fun going on 4 rides each then we headed to the noodle bar and macaris and sat on the beach stuffing. The dogs were not at all impressed that they didn't get to have any!

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