Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bye bye Popster!

Today we say goodbye to Poppy. 4 weeks has flown by. Paddy and Tilly are here much to the delight of Pops so she has really enjoyed her last day.

Pics of the flowers on this mornings walks

Can you see the little bee?

I forget that my uncles dog Rosie is here, warts an all! Shes such an old lady she spends 95% of the day fast asleep in the kitchen, the rest waiting around for food. Jessie is also very good. They, along with Madge and my friends dog will be staying at my mum and dads whilst we are away! Will they cope with 6 dogs? The good thing is, they have a huge garden so I am sure they will have a great time.

My garden is really starting to look very green. Here are a few pics taken this morning, Its looking much bushier than it did back in March, I have just been comparing photos and its suprising how much they have grown! It will look great once all the little blue and white lobelia flowers have opened.
I have also added a photo of the bird box Jack (and I) made at cubs a few weeks ago. I have put it up on the pergola, although I think I should put it up on the big tree behind the garden wall, theres more chance of birds using it there.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Madge loves Elmo!

Got the Elmo cakes back, looking a little sorry for themselves though., the icing had melted off and the eyes had shrunk in the heat, but Madge liked them! She gobbled one up when Jack and I wasn't looking! Less dinner for her tonight!

There have been 3 day dogs here today, Harvey, Truffle and Dillon, all the regulars that you will have seen on here a lot now. Charlie and little Jessie have gone home, and it looks like they may be back the day I return from holiday, just got to wait to hear from their owner to confirm!

Another warm day but with a cool breeze, even had to put my cardy on at one point as it got nippy.

Jessie Jack Russell



Rosie complete with wart (the lurk)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Only 4 days to go!

I can't believe its only 4 days till we fly off to Florida! How time flies, but I hope it doesn't fly too fast once out there. I will try and catch up on the blog at least once whilst away, my friend is taking her laptop so I'll be able to log on and post some pics if I get the chance.
Another lovely warm day for all. Bonnie and Pickles went home this afternoon, so did Dee, so with 3 of the big ones gone it now seems very quiet.
I gave stinky filthy Poppy a bath this morning. You should have seen the colour of the water!!! It was literally black! She is now sparkling white and will hopefully stay that way until wednesday when she goes home.

Pretty Pops sparkling in the sun complete with bow!

A couple of regulars arrived today, Charlie and Jessie, a cocker spaniel and a jack russell. As always they have made themselves right at home. Its been a little confusing for not only me but the dogs too as I have 2 Jessie's here and there were 2 Bonnies!


I had to get some sweets the other day to make the face on my Elmo cakes, and seeing them sat in the bowls all colourful I thought they would make a nice picture, so here it is!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Water guns!

Woke up to yet another lovely day. Breakfast in the garden, which the dogs thought was ace.

I took them all out for their walk before the real heat set in, so all were done by 10.30am, glad I did that as it was yet another very hot day.
We stayed in all morning, Jack and Jude (who stayed last night) had a water gun fight in the garden, both were totally drenched!

After lunch we went and had a game on the crazy golf down at Splash point then met up with Judes mum who now has a beach hut/chalet just by the cafe. It was lovely, we stayed a couple of hours before going back home.

Peach and Buddy headed off home first thing, but I must put a picture on of Peach and Dee I took yesterday, its sooooo sweet!

Last nights Jubilee celebrations at Jacks school went well. Jack and his mates has a great time. I made some cupcakes for the cupcake competition. I kind of cheated as I bought them from Tescos, but I did decorate them as Elmo from Sesame Street. Guess what? They won! LOL

Friday, 25 May 2012


The hottest day so far! loving it! but I swear that the next person that moans about it being too hot will get throttled!! It drives me insane that after months and months of moaning about the cold weather, they do the same as soon as the sun comes out!! Arrggg!
Whats wrong with them??

Anyway back to the dogs, Buddy and Peach arrived this morning for the night, Buddy the basset has been many times but Peach is a newbie for us, shes Buddy's new girlfriend LOL Shes a sweetie, although nearly pulled me over on the walk, a very strong dog!

 Also joining us today is another Bonnie, this time Bonnie the cocker spaniel. She is the one that was used for breeding and kept in a small kennel for years. She is as happy as larry here and has settled in so well. She will now be with us until the night before we fly off to Florida! Only 7 days to go!!!!!

 And here is a picture of Dee the pointer cross who arrived yesterday!
say Cheeeeeeese!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lots of Chocolate

Nope not that sort of chocolate, sadly! Just chocolate dogs, 3 of them, Jessie, Harvey and Dee. No photo yet of Dee as she arrived late in the day, will post a photo of her tomorrow. This is her 4th stay with us. Shes an Aussie dog, born and bred in Australia, but now living here in the UK. In the past shes has only stayed with us in the winter and she has hated the cold, so I hope shes appreciating the weather now!

Jessie and Harvey

Pickles seems to have grown a green boney horn!

I was looking a Poppy today who was fast asleep on her back, legs a kimbo, and it was only then that it dawned on me how filthy she is!! I will definantly give her her a bath before she goes home next week, I can't send her home looking like that LOL 3 weeks of dirt and grime stuck to her coat! I don't think she cares as she enjoys shoving her face into the plant pots!
Filthy pup!

Shampoo and set for you next week young lady!

Harvey wasn't booked in to come today, I got a call from his owner asking in desperation if I could have him for the day as they had to be out for the day last minute, so he arrived soon after 9am and has had a great day.
Rosie has slept all day, only waking to eat and go to the loo!

Harvey and Bonnie

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bad ankle!

Another lovely sunny day!
My uncle Colins dogs came and joined us today, Jessie and Rosie. Rosie is ancient, 15 1/2 yrs old, thats very good going for a cocker spaniel! Tilly was also here for her weekly visit. Poppy of course was very happy about that, although with it being so hot they didnt play anywhere near as much and they were shattered after their hours walk in the heat! They will all sleep very well tonight.
I have no idea what i have done to my ankle but it hurts! It started yesterday and I was hobbling by the time I got back from the afternoons school run. Its still bad today and the area that hurts has gone a funny colour, like brusing and its swollen, but I dont remember banging it! I got some deep freeze to apply to it and put on a support bandage when out walking. I hope its all fixed and better by the time we go away as there is going to be a lot of walking involved in our holiday! 9 days to go!!! There really isn't much chance of resting it before then!
Todays pics are of the dogs chilling in the garden and my poorly ankle! I thought you would all like to see that LOL



Poppy and Tilly

Jessie "Give me the ball!"
Poppy, Madge and Bonnie

Ouch! poorly foot

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer time?

Could this be it, could summer finally be here?? I hope so.
All the dogs found it very hot today, puffing and panting, dribbling and drooling. Pickles found her walk hard going, so didn't take her out for long, but she was joined today by little Harvey the lab pup. It was his first walk out with me, hes finally able to go out! He was ever so good, although got tied around my feet a few times.
Bonnie, Poppy and Dillon (whos here for his daily stay), went out later in the morning and Bonnie went in the sea, you can see her in the photo having a dip, must have felt nice in this weather.


Poppy kiss

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunbathing hounds

All the dogs were very happy this morning with the sunshine. Bonnie, Poppy and Madge went on a lovely walk along the seafront but Pickles, whos a little older and slower than the others finds it a little too hard to go as far, so she had her own walk later in the day.


I popped over to Sarahs house after school with Jack and Madge to help her de flea her cat. After a while it dawned on me that Madge was nowhere to be seen, so I went to investigate. I found her in Louis and Daisys bedroom, licking her lips! Now I assumed that she had stuck her nose into the bag of gerbil food that I saw on the floor, or eaten some gerbil poo so had a little chuckle and took her back downstairs. I recieved a text from Sarah tonight.......Its no wonder Madge was licking her lips, she hadn't eaten gerbil poo or food, she found Louis stash of chocolate roll under the bed, but don't worry, he hasn't noticed! LOL