Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday

Another bank holiday, another rainy day, although it did brighten up a little this afternoon to allow a nice dry walk along the seafront.

Madge and Poppy found fish bones, revoulting, to me, there is nothing worse in this world as stinking fish! makes me gag everytime! Could I get it out of their mouths??? they were both such beasts, Madge shut her jaw so tightly that my fingers really hurt by the time I got her to drop it (I will go out of my way not to have to touch the fish) and Poppy got so cross with me when I tried opening her mouth LOL, she starting wriggling around screaming and threatening to attack me as soon as I put my hand near her jaws, I think people must have thought I was violently attacking her or something with the noises that were coming out her her little body, its was actually hilarious, she so didn't want me to get those bones out of her mouth. After a small battle I won, so kicked the offending fish out the way but within seconds Poppy had it again!! bloomin flexi's!!! they are good, but not when you forget to lock them! I finally got it out of her mouth for the second time (remembering to lock the flexi) and legged it before Madge or Paddy had a second chance to grab it! It was very funny. I guess one of the joys of living by the sea for the dogs is dead fish, but far from a joy for me!
Django the border terrier came late thisafternoon for a couple of days. Hes another little chap that has been coming to stay with us for about 3 yrs, so he bounded in very excited to see everyone.

Before all that my mum and dad came over with their dogs George and Jaz and we all went to the Interwok for a Chinese buffet. I now feel quiet bloated and sick as ate way too much! (nothing new there) I think it was the chocolate and cream cake smothered in fondue melted chocolate that did it! (2 portions!)
I have had 2 meals out this week yet still lost 3lbs over the last 10 days, so as from tomorrow its back to being good, just another 3 or 4 lbs to loose before the holiday. I was explaining to my mum that my shorts from holiday last year are a little snug (as in I dont need a belt, last year I did) so, in order to be able to enjoy what I am eating whilst away I need to loose a few pounds so that they arent so snug, that way I have a little growing space!
Not sure that makes sense, but it does to me LOL

Mum, George and Jaz

Poppy, Paddy and Madge playing

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