Thursday, 17 May 2012

New doors!

What a day, I feel I haven't stopped!
Joining Jack and I on the school run this morning was Madge, Poppy and Django. Knowing I had a busy day I wanted to get as many as poss out first thing. Once home we had a new dog arrive, his name is Charlie, I think he must be a collie cross type dog. He's here just for the night and goes home tomorrow morning.
Stuart then arrived to put up my new doors. I am really pleased with them, they look great! All the doors in this place were totally mix matched, all different and looked terrible! Its amazing how different a place can look with different doors!
I just need to sand and paint around the edge of Jacks door as Stuart had to move the frame, so its looking tatty but won't take much to fix.

Soon after Stuart arrived I left him to it (he kept the dogs company too) and I went off to have my hair done. The Brazilian blowdry!! Has it worked? not sure yet!
I have to keep the treatment on my hair now for 4 days, not get it wet, and if it gets kinked I must use the straightening irons on it straight away, only then can I wash it with special shampoo. I will then be able to tell if its worked or not. The kerotin treatment reacts to heat, so everytime you blowdry or straighten the hair it makes the hair stronger and straighter! Time will tell if it was a waste of money or not!

Henry and Madge

Django went home this afternoon and little Ethel returned for another stay!
Django & Ethel




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