Saturday, 26 May 2012

Water guns!

Woke up to yet another lovely day. Breakfast in the garden, which the dogs thought was ace.

I took them all out for their walk before the real heat set in, so all were done by 10.30am, glad I did that as it was yet another very hot day.
We stayed in all morning, Jack and Jude (who stayed last night) had a water gun fight in the garden, both were totally drenched!

After lunch we went and had a game on the crazy golf down at Splash point then met up with Judes mum who now has a beach hut/chalet just by the cafe. It was lovely, we stayed a couple of hours before going back home.

Peach and Buddy headed off home first thing, but I must put a picture on of Peach and Dee I took yesterday, its sooooo sweet!

Last nights Jubilee celebrations at Jacks school went well. Jack and his mates has a great time. I made some cupcakes for the cupcake competition. I kind of cheated as I bought them from Tescos, but I did decorate them as Elmo from Sesame Street. Guess what? They won! LOL

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