Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bye bye Popster!

Today we say goodbye to Poppy. 4 weeks has flown by. Paddy and Tilly are here much to the delight of Pops so she has really enjoyed her last day.

Pics of the flowers on this mornings walks

Can you see the little bee?

I forget that my uncles dog Rosie is here, warts an all! Shes such an old lady she spends 95% of the day fast asleep in the kitchen, the rest waiting around for food. Jessie is also very good. They, along with Madge and my friends dog will be staying at my mum and dads whilst we are away! Will they cope with 6 dogs? The good thing is, they have a huge garden so I am sure they will have a great time.

My garden is really starting to look very green. Here are a few pics taken this morning, Its looking much bushier than it did back in March, I have just been comparing photos and its suprising how much they have grown! It will look great once all the little blue and white lobelia flowers have opened.
I have also added a photo of the bird box Jack (and I) made at cubs a few weeks ago. I have put it up on the pergola, although I think I should put it up on the big tree behind the garden wall, theres more chance of birds using it there.

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  1. I like all your pics.....looking forward to having the wart animal here....