Friday, 4 May 2012

Quiet once again today. Just Mischief and Poppy here to keep Madge company. Madge came on the usual school run then I took the others on the 4 mile walk. I really noticed I'm not as fit as I was! I guess by having less dogs to walk, I'm not clocking up the same sort of miles as before. Having said that the girls had a great time!

More drizzle and cold, so fed up with it! I heard again on the radio, its set to be the coldest May on record!

Yesterday I had a gorgeous little chocolate and tan cocker spaniel come for a visit. She had been used as a breeding bitch and by the time she was 3 had had 2 litters. She had lived all her life in kennels. The breeders got rid of a lot of their dogs as they had too many (suprise suprise) so she was rescused by her now owners. She is lovely, and happy to say she is coming at the end of May for 1 week, just before I go on holiday.

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