Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Madge loves Elmo!

Got the Elmo cakes back, looking a little sorry for themselves though., the icing had melted off and the eyes had shrunk in the heat, but Madge liked them! She gobbled one up when Jack and I wasn't looking! Less dinner for her tonight!

There have been 3 day dogs here today, Harvey, Truffle and Dillon, all the regulars that you will have seen on here a lot now. Charlie and little Jessie have gone home, and it looks like they may be back the day I return from holiday, just got to wait to hear from their owner to confirm!

Another warm day but with a cool breeze, even had to put my cardy on at one point as it got nippy.

Jessie Jack Russell



Rosie complete with wart (the lurk)

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