Friday, 18 May 2012


Grim, Grim, Grim!
Theres no other words to describe the weather today!
Fed up with it, when will it stop?
We did all manage to avoid the rain this morning, thank goodness, we all had a dry walk, but this afternoon Jack, Madge, Poppy and I got drenched walking home from school!
The worst thing is I can't get my hair wet because of yesterdays treatment, so I had my rain hood tied up so tight on my head I must have looked ridiculous!

Charlie went home first thing, then after the school run I took the 4 little ones out together on two double leads, Henry and Lily together and Poppy and Ethel together, they had a fab time!

Pops and Ethel had a great play earlier so took some (fuzzy) photos and a video clip.

Poppy: "At last, someone my own size!"

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