Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nice day, Grumpy child!

Woke up this morning in a great mood as the sun was shining! It was so lovely and warm in the garden that the washing I hung out last night was dry and I sat out too eat my breakfast. I thought I would do a little more practising with the long lens on my camera, using the dogs and plants as my subjects (again). I am really pleased with the results so posting my fave pics onto here.

Handsome Toby went home at lunch time and Lily and Henry the cavaliers arrived for a weeks stay. Its their first time and they have both settled in well, Henry is happily playing with Poppy and Paddy, and Lily, whos a little more timid is keeping herself to herself and also enjoying sitting in the sunshine.

Jack has been a bit of a grump today! His friend Jude said he would come over and play but in the end he didn't, so he asked if we could go to the park and see if any of his other friends could meet us there, so ,like a good mother I sent a text to all his friends and we headed off to the park. I got a reply from 2 of them to say they were out and couldnt come but no text from Louis mum. Jack asked if we could call round to his house as its very close to the park. I said we could but I very much doubt he will be in. Well guess what, he wasn't in, and Jack's mood went from being great to miserable in a split second. The whole way home he moaned and moaned about having no friends, about how bored he always was, how we never do anything, about how nice a day it is but theres nothing to do!!! it was never ending, he drove me mad!!!

How gorgeous does Madge look here!

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  1. I like pic of purple flowers - couldn't see any others...did you only post one?