Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunbathing hounds

All the dogs were very happy this morning with the sunshine. Bonnie, Poppy and Madge went on a lovely walk along the seafront but Pickles, whos a little older and slower than the others finds it a little too hard to go as far, so she had her own walk later in the day.


I popped over to Sarahs house after school with Jack and Madge to help her de flea her cat. After a while it dawned on me that Madge was nowhere to be seen, so I went to investigate. I found her in Louis and Daisys bedroom, licking her lips! Now I assumed that she had stuck her nose into the bag of gerbil food that I saw on the floor, or eaten some gerbil poo so had a little chuckle and took her back downstairs. I recieved a text from Sarah tonight.......Its no wonder Madge was licking her lips, she hadn't eaten gerbil poo or food, she found Louis stash of chocolate roll under the bed, but don't worry, he hasn't noticed! LOL

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