Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chocolate Harvey

A totally edible little dog has come to stay today. I say little, he is at the moment, but soon won't be. He's called Harvey and he's a 10 week old chocolate labrador.
So far he has been unbelievably good! He and Madge have hoolied around the place, charging up and down the hallway at a million miles an hour and even Truffle (who's here for the day) has been entertaining him. Mischief is intrigued by him, kind of wanting to play but not really sure how to!

Yet more miserable weather today. I can't believe, well I can, that it was the wettest April in 100yrs! Will May be as bad?, they say it will be.
Only 4 weeks and 3 days till we jet off, it can't come soon enough, can't wait to get away from this rain. 
Despite the miserablness, all the dogs have been walkies. We didn't get wet. thankfully, but because its so damp my hair looks like its had a perm! Charming!! I'm going to have whats called a Brazilian blowdry before we go away, the latest thing apparently to keep away the frizz in humid and wet weather. I really hope it works!

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