Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bad ankle!

Another lovely sunny day!
My uncle Colins dogs came and joined us today, Jessie and Rosie. Rosie is ancient, 15 1/2 yrs old, thats very good going for a cocker spaniel! Tilly was also here for her weekly visit. Poppy of course was very happy about that, although with it being so hot they didnt play anywhere near as much and they were shattered after their hours walk in the heat! They will all sleep very well tonight.
I have no idea what i have done to my ankle but it hurts! It started yesterday and I was hobbling by the time I got back from the afternoons school run. Its still bad today and the area that hurts has gone a funny colour, like brusing and its swollen, but I dont remember banging it! I got some deep freeze to apply to it and put on a support bandage when out walking. I hope its all fixed and better by the time we go away as there is going to be a lot of walking involved in our holiday! 9 days to go!!! There really isn't much chance of resting it before then!
Todays pics are of the dogs chilling in the garden and my poorly ankle! I thought you would all like to see that LOL



Poppy and Tilly

Jessie "Give me the ball!"
Poppy, Madge and Bonnie

Ouch! poorly foot

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