Friday, 25 May 2012


The hottest day so far! loving it! but I swear that the next person that moans about it being too hot will get throttled!! It drives me insane that after months and months of moaning about the cold weather, they do the same as soon as the sun comes out!! Arrggg!
Whats wrong with them??

Anyway back to the dogs, Buddy and Peach arrived this morning for the night, Buddy the basset has been many times but Peach is a newbie for us, shes Buddy's new girlfriend LOL Shes a sweetie, although nearly pulled me over on the walk, a very strong dog!

 Also joining us today is another Bonnie, this time Bonnie the cocker spaniel. She is the one that was used for breeding and kept in a small kennel for years. She is as happy as larry here and has settled in so well. She will now be with us until the night before we fly off to Florida! Only 7 days to go!!!!!

 And here is a picture of Dee the pointer cross who arrived yesterday!
say Cheeeeeeese!!!

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  1. I notice you haven't put a pic of Rosie's wart on!!!!!