Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Injections and Sqeeeeezings!

I hate to go on about it all the time but whats going on with the weather this year?
My car read 7 degrees this morning! Madness

Madge is not a happy girl, she had to go to the vets for her yearly injection, the dreaded booster, but worst of all......she had to have her anal glands squeezed! Now this is something she hates to have done, as I expect do most dogs! Its sure worth it though as not only does it stink she has also started doing (what Jack calls) doggy donuts on the floor! I wont go into too much detail but basically she scratches her bum whilst swivelling around in tight circles! I suppose it reminds Jack of when people do donuts in cars!


Truffle went next door today to Dinky Dogs to have her hair cut and came back smelling so gorgeous, complete with little pink bow. I think her mum will be very pleased with the way she looks, and of course smells!


Harvey the choc lab pup is with us again today, he hasn't stopped playing since he got here, Poppy will be shattered tonight! These photos of them are hilarious, just blurs!

Paddy went home earlier, I'm not even sure Poppy has noticed hes gone because shes had Harvey to keep her occupied!
But I have added a great clip of her and Paddy playing tug'o'war!

Henry and Lily still seem to be nicely settled. Lily likes to sleep on the dog bed next to me or up on the pillows behind Jack on the big bed, I must try getting a photo next time shes up there and Henry is really enjoying playing with everyone.

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