Saturday, 12 May 2012

Long may it last!

Sorry about the purple stripe, but look how sunny it is!
 Amazing! The sun is shining, its even warm, lets hope this is the change in weather we have all been waiting for!
Paddy and Toby both arrived this morning. Poppy is beside herself with happiness as she now has friends to play with. Madge is getting a little boring now she is 4!
Two nice walks along the beach today, although with the tide being in we had to stay up on the promenade.
Only 3 weeks today and we will be on the flight to Florida, some sunshine here first would be nice so I really do hope this lasts, theres nothing worse than getting to a hot country looking like a milk bottle when everyone else is bronzed! (although I have plenty of St Tropez fake tan in the bathroom cabinet so I'll be fine!)

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