Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bye bye Ethel!

I missed blogging yesterday so a quick catch up.
Mum came over and she took Jack on an art trail in Littlehampton whilst I took all the dogs for a surprisingly warm walk along the beach. I took a great photo of the four little ones all together but I have stupidly just deleted a load of photos off my phone! oh well.
When mum and Jack got back we took another stroll along the seafront and went and had some lunch at one of the cafes down there, we discovered they do very nice saute potatoes! Mmmm
My friend Sarah met us down there along with her kids Louis and Daisy. Jack disapeared with them to go and watch the circus tricks, volleyball and steel drums at splash point. Mum and I nipped back to the house to get the dogs to give them an extra walk and then finally got home at 6, all knackered!
Again I took some photos of all the goings on at Splash point but deleted them!

Today we said goodbye to Lily, Henry and Ethel, and said hello to Hetty (here for the day), Bonnie and Pickles, who are here for one week.
Its been a while, christmas I think, since Bonnie and Pickles last came. They are 2 lovely golden retrievers, and the pair of them shot into the house like bullets, both very excited to be back! Pickles does this great little howl of excitment!

Bonnie and Pickles
Its been a lazy sunday and apart from getting everyone out for a walk Jack and I went for a quick bike ride, apart from that
 we have been lazy watching tv. I do like days like this!

Bonnie and Hetty
Jack and Madge

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