Thursday, 10 May 2012

The boys are back!

Monty and Lewis are back!! They stink, but we think they are brilliant! they never fail to make Jack and I laugh.
They always love it here. They make themselves right at home the minute they step in the front door, claiming the sofa for themselves, no one else stands a chance to have a sleep on it!

Poppy is thrilled to have them here as they do love a good play, despite their huge bulk in size, they can be pretty quick and nimble but it never lasts long! Not an awful lot of stamina, 5 minutes of rough and tumble followed by 5 hours of sleeping!

Monty: "Mine!"

Truffle and Cleo are also back for the day. Neither are really into playing, truffle can be when in the mood, but generally likes to just lie next to the sofa in the sitting room all day chilling.

I forgot to mention that Jack got a Headmasters and Deputy Headmasters award for the Olympic Logo we designed! He was so chuffed!

Absolutely loving the look on Lewis's face....hes lost his eyeballs!

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  1. Looks as though Lewis needs a bra!!! I think there is a problem with my i-pod because I can't send e-mails. Will get it checked next week. At least I've managed to do this!! (hopefully)