Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lots of Chocolate

Nope not that sort of chocolate, sadly! Just chocolate dogs, 3 of them, Jessie, Harvey and Dee. No photo yet of Dee as she arrived late in the day, will post a photo of her tomorrow. This is her 4th stay with us. Shes an Aussie dog, born and bred in Australia, but now living here in the UK. In the past shes has only stayed with us in the winter and she has hated the cold, so I hope shes appreciating the weather now!

Jessie and Harvey

Pickles seems to have grown a green boney horn!

I was looking a Poppy today who was fast asleep on her back, legs a kimbo, and it was only then that it dawned on me how filthy she is!! I will definantly give her her a bath before she goes home next week, I can't send her home looking like that LOL 3 weeks of dirt and grime stuck to her coat! I don't think she cares as she enjoys shoving her face into the plant pots!
Filthy pup!

Shampoo and set for you next week young lady!

Harvey wasn't booked in to come today, I got a call from his owner asking in desperation if I could have him for the day as they had to be out for the day last minute, so he arrived soon after 9am and has had a great day.
Rosie has slept all day, only waking to eat and go to the loo!

Harvey and Bonnie

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