Saturday, 30 June 2012

Strawberries and cream!

My first home grown strawberry! from today I am going to make the effort once again to blog everyday (or almost!)
Since returning from my holiday I have been rubbish!
One of the reasons is that I have spent everyday of the last 2 weeks putting together a DVD of photos and video of Florida, but since completing it I can't get the stupid thing to save into a file so that I can actually put it onto a disc. Everytime I try an error comes up saying that a file (one of the video clips) isn't compatible! Each time its a different one, plus all films from the same camera, yet it decides it doesnt like them all, its driven me insane so for now I have given up. I need to seek out some help!

I have been very busy with the dogs this last fortnight. Last week I had 5 bassets here, Doris, Nellie, Monty, Lewis and Madge! Today down to 4, tonight 3 as Nellie has just gone. I've had Bella a collie, Paddy the beagle, Harvey the lab, George and Jaz my mums dogs, Ethel the pug and Truffle the westie all here in that time, plus more, not all at the same time thank goodness!!

My garden is looking great, the flowers going mad and my strawberries are doing amazingly well, and they taste so good, really sweet and extra good with cream!

The view from my kitchen window

Bella, Madge and Jaz (you can just see her rolling)




Thursday, 21 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

So our holiday is over and we are back home, infact we have been back for 4 days now but I have been suffering from terrible jetlag so I that is why I haven't ventured onto the blog untill now.
Its strange being home after such a busy two weeks, but things are already back to normal, strating from the day we returned as Jessie and Charlie arrived for their holiday. On monday a newbie, Harvey arrived. Hes a little westie and is as happy as larry to be here. Its his birthday tomorrow so will have to remember to give him an extra treat or two.
Harvey the choc lab, Tilly and Dillon have all been for their daily visits this week and today Poppy has come back for a few more days. As always she was so excited to see eveyone!
I haven't got round to taking anymore doggy pics just yet but will do, so for now a few more holiday snaps!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dolphins Galore!

Well into our second week, infact only 2 days to go so very sad about that, could quite happily stay here for a lot longer. The weather has finally decided to be kind and the last 5 days have been amazing sunshine, well into the 90's. A few showers but generally in the evenings so it hasn't spoilt the days out.
Lots of pics and stories to be posted when I get home but I had to put on these photos of my favourite day so far!
Discovery Cove with the dolphins.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Horrible Florida Rain!!!!

We are not impressed!
Way too much rain for my liking! Judith not too unhappy as its made it a lot cooler, but she would also prefer there to be no rain! It puts a dampner on the whole thing! BooHoo!
Two days ago we went to Universal Studios and had a brilliant time, q's were short, rides were great fun and only one shower as we headed back to the carpark. Yesterday we went to Seaworld. Saw the lovely dolphins and Killer whales plus loads of other critters but in the early afternoon the heavens opened! Thankfully we bought some ponchos the day before, without those we would have been drowned rats!
I woke thismorning to extremly heavy rain on the roof, thank goodness we had already decided to do nothing much today as we are all knackered, especially Jack, so we are gonna take it easy and stock up on some Publix shopping.
Fingers crosssed the weather improves although its forcast to be bad over the weekend!

With little Grace, she was in Beverley Hills Chihuahua

Spongebob Square Pants


Jack with a golden retriever who starred in Spooky Buddies (yet to be released)

Squashing Gary the snail
slightly damp

Monday, 4 June 2012

Florida Sunshine!

We are here, we made it to sunny Florida, and it sure is sunny, 95 degrees!
Great so far, today we went to Boggy Creek on the airboat tour, we saw a croc eating a catfish!
A few pics to keep you going till I can next get online!!

Tomorrow we are off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Friday, 1 June 2012

Party Time

It was Tillys 5th birthday today. Tilly belongs to my friend Judith who is going on holiday with Jack and I. We took the dogs over to my mum and dads as they are looking after them whilst we are away. Bonnie and Paddy came along for the day but both went home tonight.

It wasn't easy getting photos of them in their party hats!

Early tomorrow morning we fly off to Florida, heres our pre holiday snap!

Judith and Tilly

I'm not sure when I will be back on the blog, I will try very hard to add to it whilst away but if I don't get the chance I will be back in 2 weeks time!!