Saturday, 30 June 2012

Strawberries and cream!

My first home grown strawberry! from today I am going to make the effort once again to blog everyday (or almost!)
Since returning from my holiday I have been rubbish!
One of the reasons is that I have spent everyday of the last 2 weeks putting together a DVD of photos and video of Florida, but since completing it I can't get the stupid thing to save into a file so that I can actually put it onto a disc. Everytime I try an error comes up saying that a file (one of the video clips) isn't compatible! Each time its a different one, plus all films from the same camera, yet it decides it doesnt like them all, its driven me insane so for now I have given up. I need to seek out some help!

I have been very busy with the dogs this last fortnight. Last week I had 5 bassets here, Doris, Nellie, Monty, Lewis and Madge! Today down to 4, tonight 3 as Nellie has just gone. I've had Bella a collie, Paddy the beagle, Harvey the lab, George and Jaz my mums dogs, Ethel the pug and Truffle the westie all here in that time, plus more, not all at the same time thank goodness!!

My garden is looking great, the flowers going mad and my strawberries are doing amazingly well, and they taste so good, really sweet and extra good with cream!

The view from my kitchen window

Bella, Madge and Jaz (you can just see her rolling)




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