Thursday, 7 June 2012

Horrible Florida Rain!!!!

We are not impressed!
Way too much rain for my liking! Judith not too unhappy as its made it a lot cooler, but she would also prefer there to be no rain! It puts a dampner on the whole thing! BooHoo!
Two days ago we went to Universal Studios and had a brilliant time, q's were short, rides were great fun and only one shower as we headed back to the carpark. Yesterday we went to Seaworld. Saw the lovely dolphins and Killer whales plus loads of other critters but in the early afternoon the heavens opened! Thankfully we bought some ponchos the day before, without those we would have been drowned rats!
I woke thismorning to extremly heavy rain on the roof, thank goodness we had already decided to do nothing much today as we are all knackered, especially Jack, so we are gonna take it easy and stock up on some Publix shopping.
Fingers crosssed the weather improves although its forcast to be bad over the weekend!

With little Grace, she was in Beverley Hills Chihuahua

Spongebob Square Pants


Jack with a golden retriever who starred in Spooky Buddies (yet to be released)

Squashing Gary the snail
slightly damp

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