Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day dogs

Its been a pretty quiet week on the whole. I must admit it does make a nice change and it means I can catch up with other jobs that need doing.
Apart from George and Jaz we have had our regular day dogs coming, Truffle the westie and Tilly the greyhound. Tilly had such a great run on the beach today, she is the fastest dog I know. Its so funny because Madge tries so hard to keep up with her, but her short little legs are no match for a greyhound, but it doesn't stop her trying.
Little Truffle is a very quiet girl, she spends most of the time, apart from when on a walk, sleeping next to me by the sofa or in her favourite bed under the table. Shes quiet choosy who she plays with, but there are times when she becomes great friends with certain dogs and will play most the day.
Tomorrow we have a new dog arriving, her name is Hetty, a chocolate lab. Hopefully she will provide me with some stories to tell. Roll on tomorrow...........

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  1. Ah - this greyhound looks like she could be the cousin of my own dear lurcher - it's the elegant crossed paws (talking of which he is looking a bit miffed as I haven't taken him out yet this morning).