Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Misty morning

Well what a misty morning its been! The sunshine is now pushing through, so hopefully it will be nice and warm later on.
Tilly is with us today for her usual wednesday visit, also little Truffle.
We had a nice walk in the park thismorning after dropping Jack off at school, I took some video of Tilly but it really doesn't show her true speed, she is like a rocket, I could watch her for hours.

Madge totally disgraced herself by rolling in something stinky, you guessed it, fox poo! Luckily it wasn't too wet a dolop so she didn't get too much of a sticky mess on her neck, but its still enough to make her stink, into the bath for you young lady!

Tilly and Madge after she'd just arrived thismorning. If you hear a strange cough noise, its only Jack! LOL

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