Saturday, 17 March 2012

Busy day

PS3 Players

Well what a grim day, even worse than yesterday!
Jack's a happy chap though, his mate Louis came over to play thismorning for a while so they had fun on the PS3.
The dogs had a very lazy morning chilling out, having a little play then snoozing. I finally got them out for a walk just before lunch, again Hetty was a very good girl on her halty, but George, Jaz and Madge were a bit miffed as I kept them on their flexi leads today, I didnt want anyone going in the sea as today is the kind of day that will take them hours to dry off, which means they will have to stay in the kitchen and for them thats not much fun.
After lunch we took George and Jaz for another short walk before going swimming (us not the dogs). Jack was doing back flips and somersaults off the high board! You won't find me doing that!
All the dogs are now settleing down for a sleep, they have been playing for the last hour or so, crazy things, then its off to bed ready for tomorrow as its George, Jaz and Hetty's last night!

"If your gonna use me as a table, I want some of your lunch!"
Let me in!

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