Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot dogs

Last night Hetty arrived, this morning Orwell arrived, and happy to say that both were very excited to get here!
Hetty has bonded so well with Holly, quiet a shock really as normally Holly is one of those dogs that likes to keep herself to herself, she must be feeling all young and spring like as its yet another amazing day, the warmest so far, at least 20* C
I have had 2 lovely long walks along the seafront , firstly Hetty and Orwell, then Madge and Holly. It was bustling down there, no surprise really because of the weather. It always makes me laugh though in this country because as soon as the sun is out people strip off too pretty much nothing but their undies! Yes its lovely out there but really not hot enough for shorts and bikini tops! well not for me anyway, its got to be a least 25*!

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