Saturday, 21 April 2012


Rocco obviously thinks that Jude needs a wash!
Shlurpy shlurp shlurps!
Rocco and Carla made the most of Jack and Jude being on the bed this morning as you can see. Being asleep on the bed seems to be their favourite thing to do, as all of the photos show, they aren't really into playing, just relaxing.

There have been a lot of showers today, one minute its pouring, the next its sunny, so really annoying as its hard to know what to wear when going out. We seemed to time it right and missed the showers! Phew!
Jude stayed over last night and went back home just a little while ago. I took the boys swimming at lunch time and they had the big inflatables alsault course out, it reminded me of Wipeout, for those that have seen it on tv you'll know what I mean. Jack completed the course on the 3rd try, I thought he'd never do it!

Madge finds it tough being a basset!!

Nellie's a good girl, a little squeaky but I think thats down to being old. One thing she gets excited about is food, I don't think I have ever met a basset with such a great love of food, thats normaly the spaniels and labs! She's looking at me now with those big droopy eyes "wheres my dinner?" so I think I had better go feed them all before I get into trouble!

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  1. I'd love to have watgched Jack on the assault course!