Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lazy Day

A nice lazy day is in order I think.

Madge and Paddy went out for a walk first thing, helped by Jack (who took a fare bit of persuading!)
The rest of the morning we stayed in watching films, although Doris did go and a new dog arrived, little Ethel, our favourite Pug!!
Much later on today Coco arrives, shes a collie x alsation (they think) shes a very sweet dog to have around.

Paddy and Ethel have really hit it off, its so nice when that happens. As I type they are shattered as they played non stop for a couple of hours. You can see by the photo with all the panting, although snorting with Ethel!

I also put the benches into the garden after the dog walk. All the pots are now up high, time will tell if my plan works! lets hope the dogs now ignore them!

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