Wednesday, 4 April 2012

No snow for us!

I can't believe the weather they are having up in the North, have you seen all that snow? The forcast for here today was not good, lots of rain, bitterly cold and grey, but hey-ho, how wrong they were, its been yet another lovely sunny warm day, the winds a little nippy, but on the whole nothing to grumble about. Doris has now decided that the best spot in the garden is the sunchair......she will happily spend hours lying on it, unless I get there first! I thought I'd get a pic of her sunbathing.

So once again a lovely walk along the beach helped by Jack. Today we just have Doris, Paddy and Toby with us. After that Jacks friend Louis came over to spend the day with us. I took the two of them swimming at the Aquarena (can't wait for the new pool to be finished). Its so nice now they are old enough to go in alone, it means I don't have to go in to that freezing cold water LOL One thing I am looking forward to though is going to Wet'n'Wild in Florida in June, now I dont mind getting into the cold water there as with any luck the weather will be boiling hot!

We then stopped to get some chips for lunch on the way home and had those in the garden with the dogs, none of them lucky enough to get any scraps, much to their disgust! The boys then played for a little while on the swingball before we headed out to go and see Pirates at the cinema. I have to say it wasn't all the good, not sure the boys were terribly impressed either.

We had one dog come and visit us today, a lovely basset called Nellie. She will be coming next tuesday for her trial day then if all goes well she will be back towards the end of the month for ashort holiday.


  1. aren't we lucky to live in the sunny south!

  2. think I've already sent a comment...but not sure! Another sunny day coming tomorrow! Lucky us!