Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cirucs Circus!

A quiet day with the dogs today. We had a great walk along the seafront today, be it a tad chilly!!
Doris and Paddy have seen each other many times over the last couple of years, but it seems they have finally clicked! They are playing together constanly which is nice, perhaps its because theres no one else to play with now that Toby has gone home (he left at lunchtime today)
Truffle is here for the day but she hasn't been in the mood for playing today, shes sometimes like thats, she seems to have big mood swings, typical women really!


Thisafternoon Jack and I went to see the Chinese State Circus with Jacks friend Jude, his little sister Queenie who is two and always needs a wee, and his mum Nina. It was really good, glad we went!
After that Jack went to Judes house where he is now staying the night, so I will pick him up tomorrow morning.

I have  made a chocolate cake for easter! So far so good, I have posted a photo of phase one, I will decorate it in the morning then once we get to my mum and dads house we will devour it within a matter of minutes I expect!

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  1. Cake looks good...yum...Got my computer repaired within an hour!! Darrell D D is here (he looks like a must see him tomorrow). Boi x