Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's a dog's life!

The dogs don't have it bad when they come here! Just look at these 3 all crashed out and snuggled up on the bed, my bed I might add!!
Madge, Tilly and Dillon. I also love the picture of Tilly with a big wide smile, she gets so excited every week when she gets here, I really do think its a smile of happiness.

Paddy went home first thing thismorning, and joining us today are Bruno (just for the day ), Poppy and Clemmie the golden retriever. Poppy the little westie has been here many times and never in my life have I seen a dog be so excited about getting here. She went absolutely bonkers saying hello to all the other dogs, her little bum waggled so much when she licked Madge all over her face.She must have been here a good 20 minutes before she finally calmed down, it was ever so sweet!
  As I am typing this Clemmie is having a game with an old bone, she's having fun, tossing it about and skidding it around the floor! Its as though she thinks its alive LOL. She has also become good buddies with Bruno and have already been playing a lot! Its nice that shes settled so quickly as this is her first stay here.

Clemmie and Bruno

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