Friday, 13 April 2012

Circus and sunshine

Well its been a nice warm day today, that was unexpected!
All the walks thismorning were lovely as it was so still, no wind, no rain, just niceness! Just as well really as I had to go out 3 times, it sure makes the job nicer when its good weather. All the dogs seemed very waggy and happy, something in the air perhaps?

Pebbles joined us first thing, shes a "larger than life" beagle! Infact I think I might re christen her The Rock, rather than Pebbles, as shes as solid as one, thats for sure!
Dillon went home thisafternoon, time flies, it doesn't feel like hes been here for 5 days!
Coco and Clemmie
In the afternoon we went to Freds Flying Circus at Brooklands park. As it was such nice weather we decided we would walk there, well I walked, Jack and his friend scootered!We met a load of our friends there, the whole audience was pretty much made up of people we knew! Afterwards Jack went back to Louis house to play whilst I walked back, and borrowed my friends dog, I feel odd walking without a dog, and as she had taken Doris to the park I said that if she liked I would walk her home! I think Doris was more than happy to get an extra walk!

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  1. Right - I want to be a dog and come and have a holiday with you.

    They all look like they are having so much fun!