Saturday, 14 April 2012

Highdown run

We met my mum again up on Highdown today with George and Jaz.
I only took Clemmie and Madge but they had a great time, look at Clemmies face, such a happy girl.

Madge totally disgraced herself.....again!!!!
She rolled firstly in horse poo, not so bed I guess, but then in FOX POO!!!!
BAAAAAAdddddd dog! I thought I was going to die driving home, breathing in the toxic fumes!
So poor old Madge ended up in the bath having a shower!
Well it served her right!

I can still smell the aroma of poo!

Bonnie and Lucy went home at lunchtime and Rocco and Carla arrived soon after. They are two very sweet little cavaliar spaniels who have been to stay few times. I will post some photos of them tomorrow.

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