Tuesday, 24 April 2012

So many dogs!

Maggie,Madge and Dillon
Talk about last minute bookings. On friday I had just one dog booked in for today, little Truffle, then over the weekend the 3 cairns, Jinny, Megan and Ruby booked in, yesterday Maggie booked in then this morning as I was returning from collecting Truffle, Dillon and his owner were sat outside my house waiting for us!
I had no idea he was coming, I have never made that mistake before, I have him booked in for friday, maybe I made the mistake, I don't know, but he's here now and a very happy boy as he loves coming. I must check later with his owner to see if he wants him here friday too!
So thats 6 dogs here today, all have been walked, all are happy, all are snoozing so for me, bliss!

Jinny , Megan and Ruby have been to stay with us many times over the last few years so they know how to make themselves at home. Maggie has also been here a lot, usually for day visits and we all know Dillon and Truffle as they seem to feature on the blog every week.


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