Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Well once again things are becoming busy. This second week of the Easter holidays is totally chocka!

Quiet a few dogs have joined us today, some just for the day, others till the weekend.
Theres Lulu, a little Jackapoo, Nellie, an old basset, they are here for trial days and if all goes well they will be back very soon for their holiday. Truffles here for the day and Dillon , but this time hes here for a few days and lastly Lucy and Bonnie, a golden retriever and cocker spaniel. The funny thing is they now live at my parents old house in Findon.

As least the suns out again, although a bit chilly, but it means the dogs have all had a nice walk and not got wet!
Thisafternoon they have all settled in well and everyone of them is crashed out asleep. Little Lulu was a little worried when she first got here thismorning but she has now come out of her shell, she and Truffle have become friends and have been playing a lot.

Nellie just sleeps all the time but does make this strange gurgling whining noise whilst dozing, its quiet entertaining!
Shes ever so sweet, gives me an idea what Madge will be like in 4 or 5 years time.
Bonnie and Lucy have been many times so they have quickly made themselves at home.


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