Monday, 16 April 2012

Back to school

It was nice to get back into my usual routine today of dropping Jack off at school and getting all the dogs walked before lunchtime. Madge and Clemmie came on the school run today then we walked home via the parks and seafront. We met a couple of our other doggie friends on our way back so ended up being out for ages.
Once back from that walk little Lulu arrived for her holiday. Shes a little scruffy terrier cross, really tiny, but not worried about being surrounded by loads of bigger dogs.
I then took Poppy, Carla and Lulu out for a walk. Carla is such a little monster, she gets hyperly (not sure there is such a word) excited when shes goes out and will bark and bark at the traffic and anything thats passes by her, wheelchairs, bikes, sometimes people and she pulls like a steam train. She is a lot better than she used to be and also when shes not walked out with her partner in crime, Rocco.
Walk number 3 was Rocco and Pebbles!

I have a plan for tomorrow, something I havent tried before, but its worth a shot! I am going to pop a harness onto her, which I hope will stop the pulling and try taking her out with the bark collar on. A little squirt of air on her chin might be all it takes, on the other hand it might make no difference but its worth a try. To Rocco and Carlas mum and dad, if your reading this, check out the blog tomorrow to see if its worked!

I love this photo of Madge, Clemmie and Pebbles checking out my jam tart! Anyone would think they had been starved for days on end!

Pebbles went home this afternoon, her owners weren't surprised that she could open the door, apparently she does it at home all the time, something they forgot to mention to me LOL

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  1. I love Jack's red wig...very groovy. Perhaps he should wear it at school when he collects his gold whatevers!!