Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gold Awards

A film clip of the happy bunch I have here today, Madge, Clemmie, Poppy, Truffle, Rocco, Carla and Lulu.
Lulu and Poppy are heading home later on and of course Truffle who is here just for the day. Tonight will seem really quiet.

One things for sure, Clemmie will really miss Poppy when shes goes. When they aren't sleeping they are playing all the time.

and finally.........Jack's GOLD AWARD

At Jacks school today they held a little awards ceremony for Year 4 & 5. The top 6 children in each class to get over 90 housepoints were given the Gold Award. Somehow Jack got 259 housepoints! Mind you he worked very hard on his take home tasks, the dragon paper mache sculpture and the dragon collage. They also get house points for home work, being helpful at school and work done at school.
So we are all very proud of Jack for working so hard last term......but the big question is............will it continue? LOL Fingers crossed it will.

Jack receiving his award from the Headmaster

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