Thursday, 12 April 2012

Long day

All the dogs are shattered, just look at Coco's huge yawn! Long walks and lots of playing.......I love to see them tired, makes for a peaceful evening!


I have hardly seen Poppy today apart from when out walking. She really is a busy little bee, spending most of her time out in the garden exploring! She has bonded with Clemmie the young retriever, all last night they were playing, I was even woken up at 1 am by strange noises and when I stopped too listen I could tell it was the sound of dogs playing, their feet pitter pattering on the laminate floor and the jingle of the tags on colars! I went into the breakfast room and there was Pops and Clemmie having the time of their lives! Crazy hounds! I told them to get back to bed and then I stuck my ear plugs in LOL

Bonnie and Lucy

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